This year, a lot of Britons are choosing to stay at home as well as take their holidays in the UK. In fact, the UK is starting to become a “Staycation” nation, with at least three-quarters of adults in Great Britain are planning or reported to have been on a UK holiday. That is a 70% increase from last year.

The reason is, they spend their holidays in the UK because “staycation” keeps the costs down. Others say that they prefer to do a domestic vacation because of time constraints, good hospitality since they are in their own country, or because they don’t want to spend time and money outside the UK.

But despite that, more or less 8% of the Brits reported that they are a victim of theft, loss, or damage to their properties while they are on vacation in their own country. It begs a big question: Are Brits missing some tricks when it comes to traveling in the United Kingdom travel insurance?

According to insurance experts, and insurance websites like, a lot of people are considering travel insurances for domestic-based holidays as unnecessary expenses. At least two in every five Brits that are traveling without insurance are saying that they do not need travel insurance plans because they are doing their vacation in their own country. Partly, this is because of the financial safety-net access to free emergency healthcare by the National Health Services.

Travel insurances are not purely medical. There is a wide range of scenarios that can help you save a lot of money in case something went wrong, whether you are living in the United Kingdom or outside the country. According to the ABI or the Association of British Insurers, their insurance-related issues that you need to consider when planning a holiday in the United Kingdom.

It includes home contents and cancellation insurance. You can get a particular cancellation cover in case you need to cancel your trip due to certain reasons like family emergencies or health reasons. Experts advise the holidaymakers to check the cancellation protection available in the market today, either it is part of your holiday cost, or if they are separately available from the holiday firm.

Recent studies conducted by an insurance company Policy Experts show that the average holidaymaker is taking at least 676 Pounds worth of valuable items with them when they are doing their “staycation.” That is why it is essential to check the coverage of your home insurance.

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However, it is also important to check whether the insurance company automatically covers your valuables or if they are add-ons with additional cost. Experts also advise people to test the limits of the overall possession value that is included as well as the single item insurance limits.

Although the NHS gives the British people a peace of mind while they are traveling all over the United Kingdom, you always need to know about surprise medical costs. Experts suggest that if you are taking a holiday vacation on one of the coastal areas around the United Kingdom, travel insurance is sometimes an absolute necessity.

If there’s a medical emergency and you are needed to be flown back to the mainland for medical treatment, the coverage can help you avoid paying a large amount of money as the European Health Insurance Card is not valid on any of the islands that you are planning to visit. It is also convenient to know what your European Health Insurance Card can cover and what they can’t.

The policies for a United Kingdom travel insurance differs depending on what you are getting, but most of the travel insurances should cover for the client’s essentials that include personal possession in case they are lost, damaged, destroyed, or stolen; cancellation if you cancel or cut your vacation short in situations beyond your control; as well as personal liabilities. ┬áIf you want to know more about travel insurance, you can visit this site.

Getting an annual travel insurance plan will last for a year and will cover you for all the future trips within the period. It is usually a very economical option than getting insurances every time you go on a vacation. The kind of coverage will always be the same all over the world, except for medical expenses since every country has different medical services, practice, and technologies.

All other aspects of the insurance policy like persona; belongings as well as cancellation should be included. That is why, when you are traveling in the United Kingdom and want to make sure that you are covered in any eventualities like cancellation, personal insurance, and medical treatment, getting a travel insurance policy is your safe choice.

Coverage differs depending on the insurance company and the plan you avail. That is why it is best to check every insurance policy, not only the cheapest ones, but also the policies that will suit your needs.

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